Roots of Terrorism Conference: Exposing the Exclusionist Ideology


The Honorable Tulsi Gabbard, House of Representatives, (D) Hawaii  Roots of Terrorism Conference: Exposing the Exclusionist IdeologyHave you ever wanted to hear

  • Islamic scholars denounce terrorism
  • How terrorism is forbidden in the Quran. Muslims share how they have been victims of terrorism
  • A Christian make the case that it is vital for Muslims and Christians be good neighbors
  • A U.S. House of Representative express a foreign policy perspective with a real chance to reduce terrorism

If so, then this event is for you.Terror was unleashed on to the world after the horrific events of 9/11. Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Nigeria, France, Belgium, the US and several other nations have suffered major acts of terrorism after the turn of the century. These terrorist groups have many names, but one basic ideology: The exclusion and dehumanization of those who don’t agree with them on every issue.Internationally, this ideology is being called “Takfirism” –  an Arabic word meaning “calling others apostates.” This seemingly far-flung problem appeared eerily close to home in the US, when the Orlando shooter recently pledged allegiance to ISIS to anoint his meaningless crime. Whether it is Deobandi violence in South Asia, Wahhabi terrorism in the Middle East and the West or Boko Haram in Africa, the common thread tying all of these groups together is this exclusionary Takfiri ideology.


WHEN:            August 20, 2016  3:00 PM

WHERE:           The Kane Hall 130, UW.4069 Spokane Ln,Seattle, WA 98105

Distinguished guests speaking at the conference include Tulsi Gabbard, US Congresswoman from Hawaii; Dr. Umar Qadri, distinguished Sunni scholar from the UK; Imam Asi, renowned Sunni scholar and activist from Texas, Briina McGlinchey founder of .

The conference is free of charge however registration is required.To register

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