Tulsi Supports Sufi and Inclusive Islam – by Ali Abbas Taj


If one wants to examine the absurd lengths as to where the PC Police have taken us, one needs to go no further than the misrepresentation of Rep (D) Tulsi Gabbard as an Islamophobe! This is the same war veteran and Congresswoman who has advocated AGAINST the regime change policies in Iraq, Syria and Libya – all Muslim majority countries.

Simply talking about extremism within some sections of the Muslim Community does not make one an Islamophobe. Congresswoman Tulsi does not adopt broad bush tactics. Her discourse is clear, nuanced and to the point. I would know since I am a Muslim. Rep Gabbard’s statements in favour of Muslims who sacrificed their lives for speaking out against extremism is a testament to her sincerity and support to the Larger Muslim community.

Few have spoken as clearly and as passionately in support of slain Sufi virtuoso Amjad Sabri as Rep Tulsi has! Therefore it is absurd to call her an “Islamophobe” when she has been more sincere to the moderate Muslim cause – as opposed to Gulf-funded propagandists who want to stifle debate on (Saudi-sponsored) extremism that is now being spread through US and European mosques!

All Muslims are not extremists. We are a diverse and heterogenous faith like any other. However, there are a sub-sub sect like the Wahhabis and Deobandis that have been responsible for the attacks on our homeland since 1993! that do have a disproportionate monopoly on faith based violence at the global level. Calling out their pronounced and predominant exclusivist and intolerant ideology does not make one an “Islamophobe”.

American Muslims are lucky to have some like Tulsi in Congress who has publically opposed regime change intervention in Muslim majority countries. Let’s support her as opposed to making absurb and unfounded correlations

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