Educational Initiatives

Within months of being established, IFUT has successfully sponsored the publication of a groundbreaking study on Faith-based violence. It has also hosted its first event. In the upcoming months, IFUT is planning more initiatives and events that educate its audience on matters relating to Faith.

1. Books:  IFUT will purchase and distribute bulk quantities of its first publication to educational institutes, think tanks, strategic decision-makers, and academics.  As part of its forward mission, IFUT will sponsor and support similar studies and publications that highlight how exclusionist ideologies target different faiths.

2. Events and Seminars:  As part of its educational initiatives, IFUT will continue to host academics and activists who counter exclusion and intolerance via multidisciplinary academic disciplines.

3. Educational Development with Higher Education Institutes:  IFUT will seek to establish chairs, departments, and centers within higher educational institutions as well as strengthen existing centers.  In order to counter exclusionary and totalitarian ideologies, IFUT will develop competing platforms that emphasize spiritual traditions and reclaim the divine heritage within different faith traditions. IFUT has identified this reclamation as a potent counter against literalist and intolerant ideologies that have emerged on the backs of carbon lobbies and politicized faith.

4. Documentaries:  IFUT has identified and will strive to commemorate and celebrate those icons who have sacrificed their lives to stand up to bigotry and the misrepresentation of faith to achieve totalitarian political agendas.