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IFUT’s upcoming Educational Initiatives

Within months of being established, IFUT has successfully sponsored the publication of a groundbreaking study on Faith based violence. It has also hosted its first event. In the upcoming months, IFUT is planning more initiatives and events that educate its audience on matters relating to Faith. 1. Books: IFUT will purchase and distribute bulk quantities of its first publication to educational institutes, think tanks, strategic decision makers and academics.  As part of its forward mission, IFUT will sponsor and support … read more

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IFUT Will Invest In Education To Counter Intolerance And Extremism – Ali Abbas Taj

Interfaith Unity against Terrorism (IFUT) is a global interfaith organization that seeks to develop interfaith understanding and cooperation to protect the US homeland. As patriotic Americans, we have witnessed the tragic attacks against our homeland from the early 1990s.  We feel that that there are multiple approaches to tackle extremist-inspired acts of terrorism. However the most important approach is to correctly identify the specific ideology that has inspired terrorist attacks on the US homeland from the 1993 attack on the … read more

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IFUT’s Sponsorship Of Study On Faith-Based Violence Published

  IFUT is pleased to announce the publishing of “Faith based violence and Deobandi militancy in Pakistan” by Palgrave Macmillan.  This is a seminal development in the area of faith-based violence and IFUT was one of the two sponsors of this book. This book documents and highlights the Deobandi dimension of extremism and its implications for faith-based violence and terrorism. This dimension of radical Islam remains largely ignored or misunderstood in mainstream media and academic scholarship. The book addresses this … read more

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Some insight from the Vedas – by AZ

  In my early to mid twenties I spent considerable time studying scriptures and their exegeses (and the most fundamental of the theological works) of world’s major religions. Now, some thirty years later, enjoying the fairways on the back-nine of my life’s course, I am trying to revisit these scriptures as and when I get time. The idea is to see what still seems to shine as bright in the twilight of my intellectual journey as it did at the … read more

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