Militancy in Pakistan (2016)

Faith-based violence and Deobandi Militancy in Pakistan (2016)

A collection of 18 essays exploring the Deobandi variant of militant extremism including its roots; impact on society, especially women and minority groups; its connections to militant ideologies in other parts of the Muslim world and lessons to learn from decades of ineffective policy.  The book was entirely funded by IFUT.

In his review of this book, Noam Chomsky has written the following:

“The contributions to this valuable collection provide useful insight into the background of “faith-based militancy and terrorism in Pakistan and across the globe,” distinguishing crucially the Deobandi dimension of radical Islam that has been fostered by Saudi Arabia, with US support in Pakistan particularly in the 1980s during the harsh and brutal Zia-ul-Haq regime. These developments pose a severe threat to Islamic society and beyond, and merit careful attention by those who hope to understand today’s complex and dangerous world.”